No Greater Sacrifice/Ray Boltz

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No Greater Sacrifice/Ray Boltz

Reviewer: A music fan from Southwest Tennessee

Probably one of my favorite Boltz collections of songs. "What if I Give All" is the most awesome thought provoking song leading Christians to really think about servant ministries. When compared to the pitiful little that most Christians give, it brings tears to my eyes that Jesus gave all for me. Like it, "Until All Have Been Served" gets right to the meat and potatoes of servant ministry. Not until every single soul on earth has heard the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will the task be complete that we are here on earth to do. We must take them the word until all have been served. Boltz music brings tears to your eyes if you really listen to the words and think about the awesome task facing Christians today. As an amateur church choir singer, when I look for songs to solo in church, I always turn to Boltz music. His words and music always bring a much needed message to whomever hears.



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